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Interstate Towing

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Never an answering machine or answering service - Interstate Delaware & South's dispatchers provide first-rate 24-hour service. Equipped with our top of the line computer and communications equipment, our dispatch staff is trained to assess your requirements quickly and send the correct truck on its way, when and where you need it, within minutes. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding communities, we're driven to exceed your expectations and appreciate your trust.


In order to meet the demands of a growing equipment marketplace, we pledge to continue our comprehensive training programs and our investment in the latest and most efficient equipment available. Our can-do attitude guarantees you the level of service that you expect from an industry leader. So, for unsurpassed service with all your light and heavy duty towing, recovery and transport needs, look no further than Interstate Delaware & South, Inc.

Light Duty Towing

Whether you're calling for a service call or a complicated recovery, an Interstate truck can be on its way before you hang up the phone. Our vast fleet of light and medium duty tow trucks has a history of saving the day for drivers like you everyday. Whenever an Interstate Delaware & South truck is spotted, you can rest assured that every safety measure is observed to guarantee a safe ride for the vehicle's destination.

Heavy Duty Towing

Since service is our number one priority, we guarante a fast and courteous response. Our business is client-oriented and we maintain strict confidentiality. Our nationally certified heavy duty recovery experts are well-trained and skilled in all specilized recovery situations and are prepared to handle your needs from start to finish. So, turn with confidence to Interstate to get the job done right today and for years down the road.

Specialized Transport

At Interstate Towing, our fleet of transport equipment can handle any type of heavy equipment, whether it is in working condition or not. While our office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, we are licensed and insured to transport vehicles or equipment anywhere in the United States. Machinery, engines, generators, or whatever you need hauled - we can transport it when and where you need it.

Private Property Impounding

Interstate Delaware & South, Inc. understands that managing a property while trying to provide appropriate parking for tenants, homeowners, visitors and patrons is a difficult task. We provide services for property owners dealing with unwanted or unauthorized vehicles - ideal for apartment complexes, restaurants and schools. We perform this service under the direct authority of your authorized manager or local police agency.