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Interstate Towing

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About Us

Our History

     Interstate Towing has been a staple in the Indianapolis community since 1963. In 1972 the Gilbert family took over ownership of Interstate Towing after a tragic plane crash that killed the founder of Interstate.


     Under the Gilbert's reign of Interstate, Interstate Towing rose to great heights - becoming one of Indianapolis's finest towing and recovery companies.


     Then, in 1997, Interstate took new ownership. The Gilberts were offered a deal they couldn't refuse. United Road Towing - the nation's largest towing company - bought out the Gilberts.


     Under United Road Towing's direction with Interstate Towing, they acquired Delaware & South Towing and consolidated both businesses under one roof. 


     Which brings us to today and with its new ownership commencing as of June 1, 2012. The owners, management and staff of Interstate Delaware & South, Inc. are proud of its past and are eager to earn the respect and confidence of the public of Indianapolis and the trucking community of the region.

Meet the Owners

Daniel Bertagnolli, Co-owner

     Daniel Bertagnolli's career started after he graduated from Indiana State University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science in Business. After school he went back to work with the family business, named Bert's Service, which featured 2 full service gas stations and 2 light duty tow trucks. Later that same year, Dan's father passed leaving Dan to run the family business on his own at the age of 22.

     Being a skilled businessman, Dan transformed Bert's Service into Bert's Towing, growing a gas station into a professional towing outfit of approximately 20 trucks, with both light and heavy duty capabilities. Dan accomplished this not only through hard work, but he also knew how to acquire other towing businesses appropriately and shrewdly. In 1985 Dan made his first acquisition. He purchased Seeman's Towing in Harvey, Illinois so that he may have a presence in the Chicago towing market.

     After the proven success of the Seeman's deal, Dan went on the hunt again. He decided to purchase Zehnar's towing in Portage, Indiana in 2003. Seven years later, Dan was on a hot streak. He purchased A Excellence Towing with Dan Redmon in Chicago to further strenghten his foothole in the Chicago towing landscape.

     Then in the summer of 2012, Dan made 2 additional purchases. With his son Brett, Dan Redmon, and Geoff Russell of Kauff's Towing in Florida, Dan bought Moore's Towing in Elkhart, Indiana. And a few days later, with Dan Redmon, Dan purchased Interstate Delaware & South, Inc.

Daniel Redmon, Co-owner

     Daniel Redmon literally grew up in the towing industry. As a third generation professional tower, he has over 25 years experience. His family business, Redmon's Towing, was founded in 1956 by his grandfather. Dan Redmon's carer began even before he was old enough to drive. As a young man, he would work around the shop, clean trucks, and go on tows with his dad.

     After completing high school, Dan attended Arizona State University earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Completing college in 1994, Dan returned to Illinois to continue working for the family business until he was officially named Manager in 1998.

     2002 ushered in a new regime for Redmon's Towing. Dan's father sold Dan the business. Today Redmon's Towing currently operates two locations handling approximately 20,000 calls per year. It is also a founding member of the Professional Towing and Recovery Operators of Illinois (PTROI), in which Dan recently served on the Board of Directors. Redmon's Towing is also a long standing member of the Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA).